Our neighbouring farm and us commissioned a joint project with Secure Tech Solutions to secure the perimeter fence of our two farms adjacent to the N2 national road near Elgin in the Western Cape. The project involved the installation of a state-of-the-art surveillance system and related security hardware over a distance of a few kilometres.

We received excellent service and support during the planning and execution of the project. Teething problems, furthermore, were sorted out quickly and efficiently.

Overall we’ve received outstanding service from Secure Tech Solutions. They respond swiftly and competently to queries, offer excellent workmanship, and are willing to assist at all times. Their technicians are well-trained, friendly and polite, and a pleasure to deal with.
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Secure Tech Solutions installed a surveillance camera system on our farm near Ceres.

We are very happy with the service we’ve received, as well as with the system they’ve installed. It works extremely well in stopping the movement of people on our perimeter fence. At first I did not believe that it would be able to stop the movement habits of people, but it has indeed. I’m very impressed.

Secure Tech Solutions were able to introduce world class technologies that solved the security problems for which we did not have solutions. We appreciate their willingness to help, their ability to implement under any circumstance, and their after-installation dedication in support.
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We’ve appointed Secure Tech Solutions for the planning and installation of perimeter security on our farm in the Elgin district.

We are extremely happy with the standard of their product, their workmanship, and the way in which they executed the project. We are also impressed with the ongoing support we receive from them.

Secure Tech Solutions are professional service providers that offer quality of service, sound backup, and advice. They are efficient, professional, and always willing to assist, also after hours.
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Secure Tech Solutions installed a comprehensive solar energy system at our property in Stellenbosch.

We are highly satisfied with the installation and the service we’ve received from them. Michael and Gavin provided information in a clear manner, and their communication and support throughout the process were outstanding. Secure Tech Solutions’ high level of after-sales service and support, whether during or after hours, further added to our customer experience and good impression of the business.

With the Secure Tech Solutions solar energy system installed, our property is now functional throughout all load shedding phases. This is especially of great value for the three students in our house who can continue uninterrupted with their studies and attend online classes during electricity cuts. A bonus is the fact that the absence of power outages is prolonging the life cycle of our electrical appliances, and that we have enhanced security with lights and alarm system fully functional during load shedding.
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I made use of Secure Tech Solutions to install a solar energy system at my house. The service I received from them was, without a doubt, next level, and their proactive communication to keep me up to date while doing the work, exceptional. What stands out is the fact that their system is extremely reliable and 100% functional, way better than some systems installed by other suppliers in the area where I live. Also outstanding is their attention to detail and the neatness of the installation.

With the Secure Tech Solutions solar energy system installed, we now have peace of mind, knowing that we are in the favourable position of being able to function independently as far as electricity supply goes.
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Secure Tech Solutions recently installed a home solar energy system at my house. I am very happy with the installation and the benefits it offers, and impressed with the service I’ve received from them.

They made sure they understood my requirements, offered sound and easy-to-understand advice on what would work best for me, and did the work in a professional manner.

Thank you, Secure Tech Solutions, for a job well done. I now have peace of mind, knowing that my electricity supply is guaranteed during load shedding, and that I have the further benefit of financial savings on my monthly electricity bill.
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Secure Tech Solutions installed a solar energy system at my house which included, amongst others, a Tesla battery.

What started as a routine installation became more complex due to the intricate balance needed between a simple single phase and a more complex three phase installation. However, their perseverance and hands-on approach instilled confidence, and created the reassurance that they would not let me down. In the end it was a job well done by a team whose knowledge, experience and technical skills impressed.

The installation added value to our life as we are no longer affected by load shedding. This uninterrupted electricity supply gives us peace of mind, and it protects and prolongs the life of the appliances and electronic equipment in our house. We also have the benefit of substantial cost savings due to using solar-generated electricity, instead of electricity supplied via the national grid.
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I used Secure Tech Solutions to install solar panels and an inverter at my house in 2017 – a system which has been running without any issues since then.

At the time of the installation, their upfront work for proposal was thorough and their workmanship professional and neat. Equally impressive is their after-sales support and the fact that they are always available for questions, or service, when required. Of great value also is Secure Tech Solutions’ app, as it allows users to know what is going on within their own systems.

The availability of solar energy allowed us to adjust the way we use our appliances in the home and, as a result of the savings we achieved, we were able to absorb the annual escalation from Eskom for a few years. Another benefit is that we are grid tied and are getting some credit for the unused power. We’re planning to also have a battery solution installed, but only when it makes business sense for us.

A bonus is Secure Tech Solutions’ assistance every year with our ROI calculations for our installation and usage profile. Their personalised approach and genuine interest in our home is refreshing and reason why we will always work with them.
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